DIY Pet Spa

Do-It-Yourself Pet Spa

The DIY Pet spa at Swanky Paws is a one of a kind experience for you and your pet!

Not just another dog wash, we provide all of the spa quality products that we use in our grooming salon for you and your pet to have the ultimate bonding day.

Each DIY Spa includes:

Shampoo, conditioner or creme rinse, ear cleanser, towels, aprons for you, pet blow dryers, warm water, tubs that are at waist-level, stairs to help big dogs in and out of the tub, brushes, cologne and more. Best of all, we do the cleaning up, so all you have to worry about is having a great time with your pet!

If you want to upgrade your pet’s experience, you can add a deep cleansing facial treatment, salon assisted nail trimming or filing, teeth brushing and breath spray, or any one of our various Spa Shampoo packages to make your spa day as custom tailored as it can be.

On your first visit, a member of our trained staff will show you safe and appropriate methods for bathing and drying your pet. We can also assist with getting in and out of the tub, nail trimming and filing, how to brush your dog’s teeth, applying facials, how to clean ears, correct methods of restraint, and any other questions you have. We want your pet’s spa day to be relaxing and enjoyable.

Our Grooming Products:

At Swanky Paws, we use only the highest quality pet shampoos. Depending upon the spa package that you choose we will provide you with scent coordinated shampoo, conditioner or cream rinse, and cologne. If your pet has skin problems or allergies, please speak with a member of our staff and we will help you determine what the best products are for your pet. Each bath package includes enough shampoo to wash a small to medium sized dog twice. If you need more shampoo, we will be happy to provide it for a small upcharge.


In Georgia, especially in the summer, fleas can be a big problem. In order to reduce the risk of spreading fleas, we must insist that pets with fleas not be brought in to the DIY Spa area. We have a number of options to help you manage and prevent fleas on your pet and in your home. If your pet has fleas or if you suspect that it might, please reach out to a member of our staff and we will be happy to help you formulate a solution.

Barking Beauties Frequent Bather Club:

If you know your pet loves to get dirty and that regular washing is on your calendar, our frequent bather club may be for you! For a low monthly fee, enjoy unlimited access to our DIY pet spa, as well as unlimited towels, no charge shampoo upgrade and discounts on assisted services. Talk to a team member today about how to join the Barking Beauties Frequent Bather Club.

Barking Beauties frequent bather program includes:
• Unlimited washes at our DIY Spa
• Upgraded Shampoo Packages at every visit
• Discounts on Add-On Upgrades and Salon Services

WAG Wash-And-Go frequent bather program includes:
• Unlimited Washes at our DIY spa when you bring your own shampoo and products

The DIY Spa is open Monday through Saturday. Appointments are suggested, but walk-ins are welcome on a first-come, first-served basis. You can book a DIY Spa appointment on the appointments page, or by calling 678-985-0005.

  • Nail Trimming – A trained member of our staff will clip your dog’s nails for you.
  • Nail Filing – In addition to clipping, we file off the sharp edges and leave the nails extra smooth and round.
  • Salon Blow Out – While we provide dryers for you to use, some pets look and feel better after a professional blow dry.

DIY Pet Spa Frequently Asked Questions

Appointments are suggested but not required. If you don’t have an appointment, you might have a wait time, or we may be unable to accommodate you. It is best to call ahead at (678) 985-0005.

Just you, your dog, and a leash. We provide everything you need for a great spa experience!

We do! We have a “Barking Beauties” frequent bather program and our WAG “Wash And Go” club for experienced DIY Spa goers who want unlimited access to canine relaxation.

Of course! We have stools to help them reach. Please make sure your children stay with you at all times and understand that petting strange dogs without a parent and express permission from the dog’s owner is dangerous. You know your kids better than we do, please make sure they stay safe!

We suggest clothes that can get wet and closed toed shoes for safety.

Sorry, only one dog in a tub at a time for safety, but if you bring a friend, you can each use a tub as we have 2!

While that does sound like a lot of fun, we ask that you please do not.