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Do you love animals?
Would you like to learn a valuable skill that can become a rewarding career?

The Swanky Paws Pet Spa Apprentice Program may be for you!

What you’ll learn with our Pet Grooming Apprentice Program:

• 120 hours per month of professional Grooming Salon experience
• 40 Hours per month of guided self-study
• Hands on Dog Grooming beginning on your first day
• Proper and safe pet handling and control
• Pet, groomer and client safety practices
• Hands on bathing training
• Hands on Pet Grooming with shears, clippers, and attachment combs
• Tool handling and techniques
• Canine Anatomy and Conformation
• Tool use, proper procedures and maintenance
• Recognizing common pet health concerns
• Professional pet grooming products and definitions
• Pet breed identification
• Dog Groomer Vocabulary
• Common veterinary vocabulary
• Customer Service principals
• Marketing yourself- how to get noticed

What’s included in our Pet Grooming Apprentice Program:

• 120 hours per month of one-on-one training
• 40 Hours per month of guided self-study with corrections and discussion with your instructor
• Written lessons with homework, quizzes, and a final exam based on more than 25 subjects, to include dog grooming vocabulary, veterinary terminology, and dog breed identification.
• Hands-on Dog Grooming experience starting the 1st day of your session.
• Use of all necessary tools during the duration of your training.
• Books, study materials, and binder for the duration of your training.
• Suggested tools list
• Required reading list
• References and job placement assistance based on mastery of course objectives upon completion

What's required for our Pet Grooming Apprentice Program:

• TIME: 3-5 full days a week time commitment from you. The salon is open 7 days a week. You must be able to commit to a minimum of 120 hours per month to dedicate to hands-on, in-salon study, and an additional 40 hours per month of at-home study.
• MOTIVATION: You must be a self-starter. Teaching takes an immense amount of time. If we are to dedicate this time to you, you must be willing to work hard.
• DEDICATION: Your training takes as long as you need. Most students will be able to complete course requirements in about 3 months. If you need more time, that is fine, you can continue until you and your instructors are confident in your abilities. Your instructors will let you know when you are ready to move on. If you decide to end your training before course objectives are met, that is up to you, but no refunds will be given.
• COST: $1,200.00 per month/120 hours. Most students are able to meet course objectives within 400 hours. A certificate will be issued with successful course completion.
• Much of the self-study will be on line. You must have reliable internet access in order to properly complete the self-study portion of the course. This is required for completion.
• Because we only take one apprentice at a time, we may have a waiting list. A deposit is required to hold your spot.

Cat Grooming Add-On:

• The cat grooming program can be added after your initial course completion.
• Cats require a certain skill-set that not all groomers possess. If you are interested in adding cat grooming to your course, please let us know.
• Experienced groomers who want to learn cat grooming may do so at our shop. The fee varies depending on your level of ability.